Aim4Media's Ad-Dition

The best looking creatives and the best service for your clients are by no means a guarantee for your online success.

There is no set formula to make ad campaigns work. It takes financial backing, know-how, tools for measuring and reporting, trial and error and a lot of patience to analyse the results and make the adjustments needed...

Of course, there are specialized companies and consultants that are more than willing to do this for you, as long as you are willing to pay them fixed monthly fees or if they can charge you by the hour. And if they don't succeed? Though luck! They did everything possible so you may need to look into the product you are offering.

For that reason we bring you the Aim4Media AD-Dition.

With the Aim4Media AD-Dition we will work closely together to create, test and improve your campaign. free of charge for our customers* .

The AD-Dition service falls apart into 5 key-elements

  1. Creative development and optimization;
    Flash banners, games, etc. etc.; Anything that makes a banner creative work.
  2. Landingpage development and optimization;
  3. Campaign distribution on the Aim4Media Publisher Network or elsewhere;
  4. Data-mining - based on data build-up by our inhouse tracking systems;
  5. The Aim4Media Optimization Platform.

The Aim4Media AD-Dition is available for any customer, but is also offered free of charge to our network clients (minimal budget required).

Contact us to learn more about Aim4Media's AD-Dition to your online success...


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